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Reiner R. on March 3, 2011 about

see recent discussions on melanopsis/bipunctata/haematodes.

Reiner R. on January 9, 2011 about Piccaninny Plains Butterflies

Wow, great photos and a nice selection of species.

Chris R. on September 5, 2010 about

In the guide section there is a good image of a scarlet percher, showing forewing clearly it has 8 antinodal crossveins.

Chris R. on September 5, 2010 about

It looks like the previous post has dropped a couple of paragraphs. The point I was getting to was it is either Diplacodes or R. lieftincki. I can't see the dark spot above the metastigma. I see 10 or 11 antinodal crossveins on this specimen, on another image of the scarlet percher posted here I count 7 or 8 antinodal crossveins. All on the forewing. Conclusion is R. lieftincki.??

Chris R. on September 5, 2010 about

Ok following the Key starting on p 324 I get to: Hindwing > or < 30mm ? If I follow >30mm I get 29b, (> 9 antinodal crossveins) and the species is Rhodothemis lieftincki (part) If I follow s showing 7 or 8 antinodal crossveins. So that points towards R. lieftincki ??